BUNYAN GULF was inspired by the nature of our work and the place of our launch.
Our slogan was inspired by our time.We express our identity to be the path of passion and
development to create a unique concept for our products and services.


BUNYAN GULF is based in its various services in various sectors on deep experience,
a history full of achievements, good business relations and financial
qualifications in the Saudi and regional market.


BUNYAN GULF keen to establish a distinctive footprint in the world of general trade, industrial services and technical solutions.
BUNYAN GULF was launched on firm foundations from Saudi Arabia to be unique in providing services and products through a work system that offers its various services within one company.


The establishment of BUNYAN GULF is inspired by the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030, to become one of the largest companies in general trade and industrial services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute to serving the Kingdom, sustaining success and promoting economic, development and social growth.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration stems from the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims for the development of society. Therefore, BUNYAN GULF has set goals that are compatible with the vision of the Kingdom and and meet its the needs in terms of commercial and technical solutions to achieve all the corners of the comprehensive and sustainable vision.

Our mission

Providing a variety of solutions and products in line with the market conditions by developing the commercial and industrial sector and the provision of services and products of high quality in accordance with international standards and the looking to build society and its progress for the better

Our message

Providing our customers with a wide range of high quality products and services in Saudi Arabia through an integrated work system to suit the increasing requirements of customers.

Our vision

Our vision and aspirations are to become the first & leading choice of our clients at the local and regional levels through a simple user experience and providing a range of high quality products and solutions in cooperation with our partners

Our services

Everything your clients experience from you enhances your reputation , so we offer our clients a wide range of services and products:

Commercial services

Industrial services

Technical Services

Our Clients

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Contact us

Contact Information

Phone : +966133308597 
‏Fax : +966114868550


Email : info@bunyan-gulf.com
Address : Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 34424