About us

BUNYAN GULF was inspired by the nature of our work and the place of our launch. Our slogan was inspired by our time.
We express our identity to be the path of passion and development to create a unique concept for our products and services.

BUNYAN GULF is based in its various services in various sectors on deep experience, a history full of achievements, good business relations and financial qualifications in the Saudi and regional market.


BUNYAN GULF keen to establish a distinctive footprint in the world of general trade, industrial services and technical solutions.
BUNYAN GULF was launched on firm foundations from Saudi Arabia to be unique in providing services and products through a work system that offers its various services within one company.


The establishment of BUNYAN GULF is inspired by the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030, to become one of the largest companies in general trade and industrial services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute to serving the Kingdom, sustaining success and promoting economic, development and social growth.

BUNYAN GULF was able to make a brilliant name in the world of general trade and contribute to the economic growth in our Kingdom by providing high quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our beginning

The story began after the sign of fate came as an idea, it was an idea that brought us closer to the dream through discussing priority ideas and tasks, this has ensured that all our work is orderly. An astonishing success has begun as BUNYAN GULF was established. From the very beginning, BUNYAN GULF . has worked very hard to find and recruit the best skills and experiences to create an exceptional team who believed in the same dream and were united by a passion for success.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration stems from the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims for the development of society. Therefore, BUNYAN GULF has set goals that are compatible with the vision of the Kingdom and and meet its the needs in terms of commercial and technical solutions to achieve all the corners of the comprehensive and sustainable vision.

Our mission

Providing a variety of solutions and products in line with the market conditions by developing the commercial and industrial sector and the provision of services and products of high quality in accordance with international standards and the looking to build society and its progress for the better

Our message

Providing our customers with a wide range of high quality products and services in Saudi Arabia through an integrated work system to suit the increasing requirements of customers.

Our vision

Our vision and aspirations are to become the first & leading choice of our clients at the local and regional levels through a simple user experience and providing a range of high quality products and solutions in cooperation with our partners

Our strategy

Product Diversity

Our strategy is based on providing a variety of products and services that meet customer requirements and the needs of local and regional markets, and contribute to promoting a sustainable economy.

Job creation

Our strategy is concerned with providing job opportunities, enhancing commitment to quality, placing the customer at the center of the company’s activities, and managing the work with professional and ethical standards.

Creating broad partnerships

BUNYAN GULF strategy aims to create a broad partnership with regional and international companies to achieve the interests of both parties

The quality

We are keen on achieving the highest levels of quality in order to continue being the most attractive commercial and practical environment for customers, employees and partners.

Our unique personality

At BUNYAN GULF, we believe that quality is a main biller for success, it is crucial to leave a footprint and create a unique personality that separates us from the rest of our competitors.

Whenever quality is combined with excellence, the end result will always be remarkable and eye-catching…



  • We provide high quality services and products from different sectors that suit the aspirations of our customers at competitive prices.
  • We put in your hands our team of specialists with global experience in the maintenance and sale of road equipment.
  • We have the main branch building in Saudi Arabia supported by all requirements to serve customers anytime and anywhere.
  • We have a website for communication and customer service in all countries of the world and all over Saudi Arabia, registering orders and delivering them faster.
  • We have an expert sales department to cover the demands of the Saudi market and an external marketing team to cover the regional market.

Our Values

In BUNYAN GULF, our work is based on a group of constant and
powerful values that enable us to reach the top


We commit ourselves to our customers in the first place, and we work diligently to adhere to all the details of the work timing and accuracy


We are working hard to provide an integrated system of Commercial and industrial services set up on professional


We aim not only at customer satisfaction, but also at providing products and services that lead to a real distinction that satisfied the customer

creativity and Innovation

All our operations are subject to the highest standards of performance control, and we commit our customers to provide creative solutions and services in the field of commercial and industrial based on accumulated experience

Our philosophy

Our customers are our partners

Our customers are our partners and our real capital, so achieving their requirements is our ultimate goal and priority

Development and innovation is our tenet

We constantly and creatively develop our services, work style, and skills

Integrity and Responsibility are what we do

So we make our work responsibility on our shoulders towards our values and our society

Our Equation

BUNYAN GULF offers a variety of services, here comes our challenge of offering as many services as possible under one umbrella within an innovative sustainable work environment that achieves a successful business experience.

Human Capital Investment

We are in BUNYAN GULF, although we work in a variety of services ، we have crowned our efforts with success integrated work system and an experienced team to reach your success.


Quality Policy

BUNYAN GULF Company is the first company in the field of industrial services, general trade, education and training technologies,

by assuming the responsibility in achieving customer requirements and the quality of the services provided,

maintaining them, and even upgrading their quality to a better level

Our Clients

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Contact Information

Phone : +966133308597 
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Email : info@bunyan-gulf.com
Address : Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 34424